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An influential collective, Gimmick House believes in humanity, trust, and respect. Partnered with our allies, we are here to change lives and evolve the world.

We have Insurance, Finance and IT expertise experiences for over 20 years across the globe.

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Gimmick House
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Gimmick House is an innovative consultancy based in Hong Kong. We specialize in Business Development and Innovative Marketing strategy. We transform business and infuse digital elements, keep evolving to stay relevant. Our goal is to create fantastic user experiences and remarkable customer journeys for all our clients.


Users first

GH combines state-of-the-art digital solutions and fuels them with creative ideas. We profoundly understand users’ needs, digital behaviors, and technology. Our business is vastly more than designing for a screen. We commit to putting users first and developing delightful solutions for them.

The next generation of AI

AiBi is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence and computer vision deep learning neural network, which fuels smart cities' future.

Our Story Is Awesome

Enterprise Recruitment Management Tool

Fast digital hiring process with AI data

Recruit Digitally

RMT provides comprehensive hiring workflow for rapid growing company / hiring needs. fulfill HR requirements, fast, easy, and no more paperwork or data entry. Issue and sign contract digitally.

RMT can help visualize sales forecasts with intuitive and straightforward dashboards. It can also help you path your way to achieve the goal.

Smarter decisions for all businesses

RMT specializes in providing Data analytics for hiring funnels and processing for HR. Everything is in real-time and you can complete your hiring in just a few clicks.

RMT Integration solutions across various industries and functions, including the corporation driven by large sales team, Finance service sector, Retail and Logistics etc.

Our Story Is Awesome

Enterprise Sales Management Tool

Insightful sales team management & forecasting with AI data analytics

AI Sales Management Tools

SMT can help visualize sales forecasts of your team with intuitive and straightforward dashboards. It can also help you path your way to achieve the goal.

Smarter decisions for all businesses

Know your number and exactly what it takes to get there.

GH IT Solutions

IT Outsourcing Services

GH IT Solutions ensures your remote team is completely co-managed and provides outstanding support for your business growth.

GH Lab
Product Development Accelerator

We work with corporations to build disruptive technology that drives future growth.
Our commitments

GH Lab has all the tools, resources, and platforms to help you materialize your products or ideas. We take care of the whole digital transformation journey, from connecting your product and the broader market to helping strategize innovative ideas internally.

Create with us

Best-in-class product and service creation

How a business delivers value today won’t be the same tomorrow in this ever-changing era. Leading companies recognize the need to constantly innovate to discover new gains, create a sustainable competitive advantage, and keep growing.

From new products, services, and business models to replicable innovation development and a team culture that fosters entrepreneurship, our innovation strategy consultants can help you meet your growth target of all shapes and sizes.

Create with us

Accelerator & Incubation Programs

GH Lab offers end-to-end accelerator & incubation development and management services custom-made for your strategic needs.

Besides rapid prototyping or incubating products, we need to integrate changes and new ideas into a corporation. We are here to help you reach the larger goal.

GH Creative

Uniquely digital. We create designs that speak human and serve people, in the technological world.

Begin with user research

Everything starts with in-depth research before delivering our excellent work. A well-rounded study can help develop an in-depth understanding of current market conditions and competitors. Based on the finding, we will generate creative ideas and strategies, e.g., How to solve your potential problems? How to make your project stand out from the crowd through digital technology?

User Experience Design

After gathering sufficient information, we will be ready for the UX phase - Information Architecture, Persona, User Flow, Sitemap, Wireframe, Prototype, and User Test. We take all your target users into account and work from their perspectives to ensure they all have an incredible digital journey.

Rapid Prototyping and Agile Development

In the final phase, our professional front-end and back-end programmers will design a captivating and interactive User Interface (UI) for your website or mobile app.

We will perform comprehensive User Experience Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to deliver exceptional work because your satisfaction is our promise.

Adaptive Learning empowered by AI

Butterfly is our AI Adaptive Learning system that adapts to the students’ input, progress, and results. It shapes how a teacher would help the students correct their mistakes and learn new knowledge.

Butterfly AI learning framework
(6 stages)

→ Core Assessment
→ Student Profiling
→ Personalized Learning Path
→ Proactive Teaching
→ Testing
→ Evaluation

Deep Knowledge Tracing

Using AI Deep Learning to track students' learning progress and apply algorithms to tailor-made content and modules that fit students' needs and teachers' goals.
Learning Needs Prediction

Using Big Data and Deep Learning, AiBi predicts the learning needs of each student and makes recommendations, suggesting the most suitable content and prompt learning moments for each student.
Continuous Improvement

AiBi automatically filters content that does not apply to learners' journeys and puts only the most relevant and engaging content to them.

AiBi learns and curates personalized training courses for learners to achieve their best results.
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